Review 2


1. Interesting
2. association
3. Unfortune
4. knowledge
5. equipment
6. enjoyable
7. competition
8.  training
9.  opponents
10. medalist


1.      I refuse to put up with people who cheat a games.
2.      The current champion was knocked out in the second round of the competition.
3.      I used to love a basketball, but I've gone off up with people who cheat at games.
4.      The trainer asked us to carry on with the activity while he answered the phone.
5.      The organisers had to bring the race forward by a week.
6.      You should think about taking up a martial art, to defend yourself.
7.      Although she was very young, Olivia took swimming as soon as she tried it.
8.      Rob had to pull out of the race because of a last minute injury.
1.      At four o'clock, we had been playing for three hours.
2.      Terry didn't use to spend so much time playing on his computer.
3.      Before we play make certain that all the card are there.
4.      Hang-gliding can be dangerous , but after a while you get used to it.
5.      When my trainer told me to do fifty push-ups, I have already run fifteen miles.
6.      We used not to spend so much time indoors when I was young.
7.      My hobbies take up a lot of my time.
8.      I would prefer ludo rather than snakes and ladders.
9.      I think there is a chance to win a competition.
1.      C
2.      B
3.      A
4.      C
5.      A
6.      C
7.      B
1.      C
2.      D
3.      C
4.      A
5.      D
6.      B

7.      A


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